WARTAC has a variety of services to fulfill your security needs


We specialize in providing armed and unarmed security personnel protection for

  • Corporate Executives

  • Dignitaries

  • Political Figures

  • Celebrities

Our team consists of qualified professionals that have law enforcement, military, and close quarters defense experience.

It is our goal to ensure safety and security for our clients. Contact us for a customized plan.

$100.00 per hour; must be a minimum of 4 hours for service.


Being a Combat/Law Enforcement operator, you want to do workouts that build strength, power, endurance, explosive muscle, and cardiovascular strength.

How much does your life mean to you? How bad do you want to survive and thrive? Time to become WARTAC Strong.

Contact us for personal training and group training specifically designed for military and law enforcement personnel. 

6 Week $150 | 3 days a week

8 Week $199 | 3 days a week

12 Week $299 | 3 days a week


Have you taken the proper steps to make sure that your business or home is safe and secure?

WARTAC can provide threat and risk assessments for homes, businesses, schools, and places of worship.

WARTAC staff will analyze all of the vulnerabilities of your property then provide solutions to secure it.

WARTAC staff are Certified International Crime Prevention Specialists and law enforcement veterans.

Contact us for a consultation.

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