An active shooter is an individual actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a confined or open area.

WAR-TAC provides effective active shooter training and preparedness solutions for organizations of all sizes in a variety of industries such as:

  • Educational Settings

  • Business Settings

  • Health Care

  • Government Agencies

  • Places of Worship

Course Time: 4-8 hours

$200.00 - Information Only; Lecture Style

$350.00 - Information + Hands-On Technique

$600.00 - Information + Hands-On + Scenario


The Basic Firearms Course is designed for the beginner level shooter who has little to no experience with firearm handling.

A typical course includes elements of proper stance, breathing control, sight alignment, safely loading and unloading a firearm and general gun safety.


Course Time: 90 minutes - 2 hours


The combat firearm and defense course is an advanced course that is designed for experienced shooters.

Students of this course will be subjected to extreme physical conditions, unknown obstacles, unknown terrain, and will still be required to defend themselves using empty hand and firearm tactics.

Requires 300 rounds of ammo.


Course Time: 2-4 hours


Our concealed weapons permit course includes the eleven essential subjects required by state law for the South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permit. The state requires every student to complete a checklist during the class to document knowledge and understanding of these subjects.


Course Time: 4-6 hours


The CWP Advanced Course is open only to individuals who have successfully completed and received their Concealed Weapons Permit. Student must provide a current, valid, CWP.

Requires minimum of 150 rounds of ammo.


Course Time: 2 to 4 hours


The Edge Weapon Defense Course is designed to teach participants how to defend themselves against an individual wielding an edged weapon (knife, broken bottle, etc.)


Students will also learn proper mental mindset to operate under extreme stress. This is an extremely physical, hand-on course.



Course Time: 2 to 4 hours


First Responders Immobilization and Self Protection Tactics - a program designed for law enforcement to address the real life and dangerous situations they may face. 

Students will learn defense from headlocks, strikes, ground attacks, rear and frontal bear hugs, takedown defense, and how to disarm a person with a gun pointed at you.


Course Time: 4-8 hours; Course open to military, first responders, law enforcement, and security agents.


Gang and gang activity is constantly on the rise. WAR-TAC wants to stand on the front line of your education and prevention, and keep you out of the dangerous path of gang activity. Our instructors are experienced gang Law Enforcement Officers. They have taught in depth classes across the south east. 

Contact us today to schedule a class for your organization.


What will you do when a gun is pointed at you?

This course is designed to equip students who may have to deal with an armed assailant. Students will learn how to effectively disarm and remove a weapon. This course will also teach students how to retain their weapon.


Course Time: 2 hours


Self Protection Essentials against Assault, Robbery, and Rape.

This no-nonsense, hands-on women's self defense class addresses all areas of self defense from striking, holds, grabs, weapon disarming, ground defense, and much more. Criminals are preparing to make you a victin... Are you preparing to stop them? Time to survive. Time to be the tip of the S.P.E.A.R.R.


Contact us is you are interested in this course.



You have a right to worship without the threat of violence. However, churches have been looked upon as soft targets that are easily victimized by the criminal element. This program is designed to have your organization's security staff, safety personnel, and congregation members ready to defend themselves and survive when the worst have come to your church doors. 

$200.00 - Information Only; Lecture

$350.00 - Information + Hands-On Technique

$600.00 - Information + Hands-On + Scenario


Let WAR-TAC introduce the sport of shooting to your child! Let us teach them safe gun handling, effective shooting, and take the curiosity out of firearms and gain proper respect. 

Proper education reduces the risk of accidental shootings and allow your child to enjoy the sports of firearms training!


Course Time: 2 hours; Open to youth ages 7 to 18 years of age;

Private Courses are Available Let's Talk.​

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